We have prepared a series of photographs for the roastery Rusty Nails, which they use for their communication on social media.

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We created a series of photographs for Rusty Nails, a roaster of fine coffee, which they use for their social media communications. We focused on their approach to working with coffee, which is based on respect for the farmers, sustainability and precision. For this reason, we chose a candid documentary style for the photos.

The space includes the Grounds café, which is run directly by the Rusty Nails roastery. We captured this as perceived by the customer.
We wanted the portraits of the team members to be informal and honest. That's why we photographed everyone in a place that is close to their work.
We spent several full production days in the roastery. This gave us a chance to focus on small details - like how the light in the space changes during the day.