Stable and meaningful employment at ACO: HR campaign aimed at expanding awareness and brand image in the region.

ACO Industries k.s.

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For ACO Industries k.s., we designed a strategy and HR communication campaign aimed at expanding brand awareness. Stable and meaningful employment. These are two essential qualities that people in the Highlands are looking for. They seem obvious, but in today's uncertain times they are not obvious at all. ACO Industries doesn't have to make anything up in this regard. Three decades of steady growth, wage progression, campus development, improving work environment... these are the proofs that ACO can rely on for stability. The Competence Centre, HygieneFirst, patents and innovation, local community support, open day, water journey, chance of a lifetime... this is evidence that ACO can rely on for meaningfulness. Visually, the identity fully respects ACO's corporate identity so that we remain compatible with the company's global communications.

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Stable and meaningful employment. People in the region are looking for stable and meaningful work, and ACO can provide it. Everything potential employees need to see and hear is included in our messaging.
Dynamic photo compositions are set in a clean layout that is complemented by a straightforward message. The whole feels dignified, believable and yet sufficiently different from the flood of local adverts..